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Interior details and furniture we covers gold, silver. Decoration with patina of gold, copper, bronze, silver, rust. Paint gold and silver paint

Thank you for your interest in the new wall decoration!

Cohesive team - professional painters, decorators, interior designers - offers an interesting room design aesthetic way - decorative wall painting, filling and structural plaster.

Our plasters and paint are imported directly from Italy, Germany, USA, Sweden.
We use only quality materials for decoration structural: Brillux, Valpaint, Tikkurila, Rivedil, Imparat, Caparol, Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Tadelakt.

Decor masters is a company that installs, Venetian polished plaster, decorative paint finish, architectural ornamental installations, stone imitation and decorative plaster finish across the Lithuania.

The wide spectrum of colours and finishes available ensures there will be the desired decorative finish, whether you are looking for a classical prestigious style or a more modern vivid interior.

Our work ranges from small domestic clients to large commercial projects.

We are confident that we can offer you a competitive quote for any job, of any size.


The structural composition - Lizard "Salamander"

Salamander archaeological escarpment
Decors masters ©

More details in the section - "SALAMANDRA"

Ceilings can be not only white, but also black

Natural light


Mirror effect

Surface covered with gold Wax
Decors masters ©

Horse - interesting interior accent, which made the "masters Decor"

Decors masters ©

Venetian plaster - aesthetic /durable / archaic

Calcareous plastering


See different lime plaster models - SMOOTH, rough, cracked.

More information about this decoration for wall - "Algantico"


"Decors masters" offer to design the interior by means of simulating the surface texture of the tree. Wood rings can be done on any surface. The texture is perfect for wet rooms, fireplaces, non-standard interior details.

Architectural Digest photo

More information about this decoration for wall - “Tree from Plaster”

Metallics wall decor with gold and silver - VELVET

We suggest looking into an interesting decor of your room. Wall is painted in any color, but when viewed from different perspectives appears how the gold or silver.

More details in the section - “Soft metallic decor”

Memorable decor: Age and erosion affect the wall

Structural Decor Anticando are made ​​by skilled craftsmen by hand and looks bumpy.

See more - Unforgettable Decor: “Erosion affected the wall”

Dark color becomes bright

Often, individual home owners and architects to assist them asks wall decorating techniques that are practical, resistant to dirt. The final wall is like appearance of spilled watercolor.

See more - “Dark Color becomes bright”

Structural, oriental decoration - "3D"


We present an interesting decoration, which under different lighting conditions can have different wall colors. The end result - color-changing surface that can reflect the gold or silver colors.


See more - “3 D - play of colors”

Gold and silver sand on the walls


Studio of Decorating "Decors Masters" offers to assess expressive decoration - on the walls of shiny sand.

The decor creates a spacious and luxurious accommodation experience.


See more - “Gold and silver sand on the walls”

Faux Finishes: “Rusty Metal”

Studio "Decors masters" recommends looking into a new, expressive surface - rusty metal.

More details about the decoration of this technology - “Rusty Metal”

Italian decor company praised Studio “Décors Masters”

Grand Italian company Giorgio Graesan & Friends rated of the decor to Studio “Decors Masters”. A decoration called "Grey Silk" is included in the best European decors album "Capolavori FRIENDS Giorgio dei Graesan".


Decorating Studio Decor masters "the decor made ​​using German filler.

Decor "Grey Silk" can be described in three words - easy, moderate, luxury.


More photos - "Fine Silk"

Memories of a French village


Everybody loves the French region of Provence or Italian village in the interior. He is rude, dirty, but at the same time, a lovely, cozy, archaic.

At your interior decor fragments made of rough plaster. It is dominated by colors: Yellow, ocher, clay, ore.


More information about this decoration for wall - Interior fragments, imitating the pub environment

Painting with plastic dispersion


We remind of the decor, which is made of plastic dispersion. With the Dispersion can be extracted various chromatic compositions, old surface effect.


See more – “Painting with plastic dispersion”

Fireplace - Room Accent

We suggest looking into an interesting decor of your room. In the dark Room decorator created an active color accent.  Fireplace 18 sq. m. decorated for 3 days.

Decors masters ©


Decorators decorated the wall in the Vilnius apartment with sumptuous ornament. Use Brillux paints and Tikkurila glazes.

More information about this decoration for wall - "GLAMOROUS FOR YOU"

Drawing of Salamander

Decor artisans created  skeletal bas-relief of Salamander.

More details about this decorating - “Drawing of Salamander”.

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